Volta Power Systems

Far more than a battery, Volta offers complete lithium ion power systems for almost any mobile application. Volta’s products are advanced, technical and revolutionary: a difficult combination for clear communication to audiences unfamiliar with automotive industry standards.

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Worksighted approached Boileau Communications looking for a strategic public relations and marketing partner. With rapid growth, they needed a team that could function as an extension of their internal team with a core understanding of brand, messages and their secret sauce.

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Holland Energy Park

Before Holland BPW could build one of the world’s most remarkable power plants at the gateway to downtown, they faced a critical challenge: How to get the community to take an active role in shaping their energy future.

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Crisis: Workforce Disruption

A West Michigan food processing company faced the threat of workforce disruption. An out-of-town union attempted to organize the workforce by making undeliverable promises and threats. The company relied on close collaboration and teamwork to produce its quality products, and the introduction of a third party into the management relationship would ultimately have harmed the company and employees.

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Crisis: Retail Labor Dispute

A Midwest retail chain experienced public backlash over a labor issue, including an explosion of negative social media reaching around the world. The social media campaign called for a boycott that was impacting patronage and sales. The company’s legal counsel connected them with us for communications assistance to help them tell their story.

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