Holland Community Aquatic Center

After years of growth at Holland Community Aquatic Center (HCAC), simultaneous use by competitive programming and public access to their pools was becoming a capacity problem. They determined that a renovation of the existing facility and an expansion would allow them to accommodate their growing needs and turn the center into a community-focused wellness hub.

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Volta Power Systems

Far more than a battery, Volta offers complete lithium ion power systems for almost any mobile application. Volta’s products are advanced, technical and revolutionary: a difficult combination for clear communication to audiences unfamiliar with automotive industry standards.

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LG Chem

With the continued rise in the electrification of vehicles, the demand for LG Chem’s high-quality batteries has been accelerating. LG Chem Michigan supplies advanced lithium ion batteries for vehicles like the Chevy Bolt and Chrysler Pacifica from their Holland location. As a result, they have experienced a dramatic increase in the need for both engineering and technical operator talent.

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Holland Civic Center Place

The Holland Civic Center was in the midst of a renovation project that had already been approved and partially funded. They were looking for assistance communicating to philanthropists that, while the initial project had already been funded, additional funding for these other projects would help bring the facility to the next level and become something that Holland could be proud of.

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Worksighted approached Boileau Communications looking for a strategic public relations and marketing partner. With rapid growth, they needed a team that could function as an extension of their internal team with a core understanding of brand, messages and their secret sauce.

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