The Challenge

After years of growth at Holland Community Aquatic Center (HCAC), simultaneous use by competitive programming and public access to their pools was becoming a capacity problem. They determined that a renovation of the existing facility and an expansion would allow them to accommodate their growing needs and turn the center into a community-focused wellness hub.

After getting a millage added to the ballot, HCAC needed to engage the public in an information and education campaign to ensure voters could make an informed decision. The team at HCAC reached out to Boileau to connect with community opinion leaders and decision makers, establishing the Aquatic Center’s value and setting a vision for their prospective renovation and expansion project.

The Results

The vote passed with broad community support at all levels; voters supported The Everyday Campaign, with 62% voting in its favor.

Boileau continues to provide the Holland Community Aquatic Center with ongoing communications support for current and future construction plans, engaging stakeholders as they move into the project’s next phase.

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