We were pleased and honored to learn recently that our work earned three American Advertising Awards at the AAF West Michigan ADDY Awards. Take a look at some of the award-winning work below:

GOLD ADDY – Heartburn & The Party Crashers

In this live-action commercial video for client factoryotc.com, heartburn and his posse, including a fire-breathing onion, wreak havoc on a backyard barbeque. Heartburn is one of four ailments, (Mother Nature, the Flu Zombie and Craving) personified in a campaign that promotes symptom-relieving OTC healthcare products delivered right to your door.

SILVER ADDY – HBPW Annual Report

Glory shots atop a 488 ft. wind turbine are among the original footage included in this video-on-video annual report that provides a first-hand look at the work the BPW does, telling their story in a visually engaging way to customers. This is the third consecutive year Boileau Communications has been recognized at the award ceremony for its Holland BPW annual reports, winning Best in Show last year, and receiving a silver award for the work nationally in Phoenix, AZ last June.

Explore the Annual Report

SILVER ADDY – Let’s Play

This motion graphics video explains the importance of strategy and discernment in communications, stirring up a little nostalgia with this classic board games-themed analogy.

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Vince joined Boileau Communications in 2012 after working three years as an editor for a Holland-based Christian media producer. Since then he’s grown as a visual storyteller and also as a strategic communications specialist. Vince’s thoughtful approach to planning and boundless curiosity for new stories have made him an important asset to our team. A member of the millennial generation with a reverence to old school wisdom, he bridges an important gap, adapting language to suit multiple audiences with effectiveness and authenticity. Vince earned his bachelors in communications from Grand Valley State University in 2008. In his free time, he enjoys strumming any instrument with strings, playing nerdy board games and doubling as a jungle gym for his three kids.

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