How Playing Dungeons & Dragons Makes You Better at Your Job

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Staring wistfully out the window on a Friday, you begin to think about the upcoming weekend, excuses to avoid going to that wedding for your second cousin, chores you’ve been avoiding during the workweek. And if you’re me or millions of other people around the world, you are looking forward to meeting up with your […]


Word of Mouth

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For all the wonders of digital marketing and social media, it’s a little easy for us marketers to forget the astounding power of personal relationships in advocacy for a brand. Several years back I read a great little book called Contagious (2013) by Jonah Berger about why things go viral, or why people share ideas […]


WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg & The (Eventual) Death of the Page Builder

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If you work with websites at all (and you haven’t been living under a rock), chances are you’ve heard about WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor, which was finally released last week after being pushed back for the better part of a year. It’s hotly anticipated arrival is making waves and has sparked a great deal of discussion about the everyday tools we use to create content for the web.


Managing the Smacktivist

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Managing the Smacktivist Smacktivisit: noun A person who uses social media primarily to talk smack about an organization, business or person. Usually this person sees themselves as an activist for a cause of some sort. Also see: “Troll” Social Media has changed business in a lot of ways. It offers an incredible opportunity for companies […]


How Much Does A Video Cost?

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As digital storytellers, we probably hear this question most often in working with new clients. Quality video in the past has been inaccessible to small businesses whose success didn’t rely on it, but the expectation for not just a video, but video(s) as a primary platform has risen insatiably across all business sectors of late. […]


Volta Power Systems

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More than a battery, Volta offers complete lithium ion power systems that work with almost any mobile application. Volta’s products are complex, technical and revolutionary: a difficult combination for clear communication to general audiences.


The Process of Creating a Stop Motion

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The eye-catching aesthetic of a stop motion film is given by the process in which it is created. Each frame of the finished film is painstakingly shot, moving each model by a hair’s breadth to create the illusion of movement.


Talkin’ About Their Gggeneration

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I’m a Boomer who has a lot of fondness and respect for the much-maligned Millennials.  I’ll admit, I’ve had fun at their expense and indulged in a little snowflake-calling and participation trophy mocking. But my heart’s not really in it.