So Now What?

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Businesses are dynamic, living, perpetual motion machines. The one thing businesses aren’t made to do is sit around and wait. Enforced idleness is anathema to business leaders, and in our present situation it’s combined with another element we dislike almost as much–uncertainty.


The Difference between Managed Web Services and Project-Based Web Services in 2 Charts

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Managed web services, also known as “Managed Web” refers to a cost-effective, flexible approach to web marketing characterized by iterative releases, quality content and efficient communications. You can define project-based web services as the traditional, linear method of producing a website or organizing a web marketing campaign.  To help you understand the difference, we’ve designed […]


Shut your mouth so they can hear you!

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In my early years of audio engineering, I learned quickly about two methods of mixing audio, additive and subtractive. If I was responsible for running sound for a rock show and I knew a guitar solo was coming up, I had two options.


Write Right

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I can’t play an instrument to save my life. I also don’t care to learn. The truth is there are those of us who are musically inclined, and some who are better off enjoying from our seat. But how is it that even people like me can still identify music from noise? Because there is […]