A few weeks ago many Pokémon Go users were surprised to learn that the game requested full permission to their Google Accounts on IOS. Although the issue was quickly resolved by Google and the game’s developers, Niantic, it makes sense to pause and think about information security and protection of business assets.

In today’s digital information age, there are more opportunities for information security breaches. It seems that more employees are using their own devices for work purposes and taking their work on the go. Although this offers a great opportunity for employees and employers alike to work from virtually anywhere in the world, it also opens the door to security threats.

When companies utilize apps like Google Drive to store private information, they need to inform their employees of best practices and risks to avoid leaking any sensitive information. Consider developing company policies and invest in employee training for online storage apps, social media and other online company assets.

Knowing the risks associated with your accounts and using those to develop intelligent policy can help protect your company from a potential public relations crisis.

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