Perrigo Company

Building an Employment Brand

The Challenge

Perrigo is the world’s leading manufacturer store-brand, over-the-counter healthcare products. Perrigo’s history has always been one of remaining behind the scenes. The company never wanted to upstage the customers it created products for, and so kept a deliberately low profile for much of its 100-year history. As Perrigo’s products fueled rapid international growth, the company needed to attract large numbers of new professional employees. The problem was Perrigo was a company that few had ever heard of.

Boileau Communications engaged us at a critical time of growth and helped set a messaging strategy that has served us for nearly a decade.

Kim Shriver

Sr. Director Global HR Technology & Talent Development, Perrigo Company

The Solution

We went to work with Perrigo to carry out quantitative and qualitative research among employees to understand what the key decision factors were that led people to choose Perrigo for their career. From our research we learned there were four consistent values people expressed as critical to their decision to join Perrigo.

We integrated those values into the messaging we produced for Perrigo to use in all of its communications channels. Using those key messages we created micro-sites aimed at talent acquisition, printed collateral materials and recruiting event materials, videos, earned media pitches, internal communications and others. Over time, a very clear employment brand emerged for Perrigo, one that is compelling and has proved very effective in attracting talent to the company.


Perrigo is now recognized as a top employer in U.S. markets where it operates and the Perrigo employment brand is gaining ground internationally. Perrigo has continued on its incredible growth trajectory and credits its talented employees as the driver behind its growth. The company presents a unified, consistent employment brand in all of its top employment markets and successfully attracts the people it needs from all over the world.

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