Committed to a Triple Bottom Line

In all that we do, we work toward the improvement of the communities we serve, sustainable economic growth and conservation for our natural world. This commitment is embodied fully in our governance policies that drive improvement every day.


It’s our desire that everyone we interact with remembers us for our commitment to healthy relationships, personal growth and the advancement of our community.

Examples of this include:

Unlocking Potential

100% of our team is engaged with 1:1 coaching and development toward achieving their greatest potential.

Diverse Supplier Policy

We maintain a commitment to working with certified diverse and local SME suppliers on all major purchases and relationships.

Community-focused Work

Over a third of our clients are nonprofits or community organizations, where we can amplify voices that otherwise can’t compete with big corporate ad budgets.


Boileau Communications works toward the continual improvement, restoration and conservation of the natural world. Through our actions, purchasing and choice of clients and partners, we will reduce our impact on the environment and support others who do the same.

Net-Zero Operations

100% of our office and web hosting energy comes from renewable resources. We continue to work on supplier and transportation practices to influence even greater reductions.

100% Recycled Paper

Working with our principal supplier, Schreur Printing, we default to 100% post-consumer stocks for all print work we secure for clients.

Responsible Waste

We are champion recyclers with a 1:1 ratio of blue bins to employees. Plus, our procurement policies reduce or eliminate most disposable materials.


Excellent business excels when it creates economic wins for our entire community. We help clients grow by solving problems and communicating with clarity and authenticity. We only work with organizations we believe are growing responsibly, competing ethically and contributing positively to the world.

Conservative Growth

Our financial practices are very conservative, ensuring long term stability for our employees and partners.


We share company financial performance with our entire team each quarter.

Giving Back

We give back 1%+ revenue every year to community organizations regardless of profit.

Our Community Partners Include


Core Values

Above & Beyond

Meeting expectations isn't enough for me. I go beyond.

Insatiable Curiosity

I’m always hungry for knowledge and improvement.

Inherent Creativity

I can’t help but to create, rethink and bring new ideas.


I could work anywhere. I choose to work here, because we get to have fun.

Can-Do Attitude

Whatever it is you’re about to say... I’m up for it.


Chips are down. I’m all in.

Our Team

Vince Boileau

Managing Partner

Vince is a strategic thinker, communicator and leader. He is passionate about helping others to tell complex stories with nuance and authenticity. Vince is dedicated to growing a company that creates meaningful change for our clients, team and the communities where we work. He earned his bachelor's in communications from Grand Valley State University in 2008, served for three years as editor and assistant director at a media production company and joined Boileau Communications in 2012. In his free time, Vince enjoys playing and recording music, socializing over nerdy board games, watching good sci-fi, and doubling as a jungle gym for his three kids. Thoughts by Vince

Leanne Schaeffer


Leanne joined Boileau after directing marketing for a hospitality management company. Through her experience, Leanne developed a rounded knowledge across industries and thoughtful insight into stakeholder perceptions. Identifying creative solutions to tough communications issues, Leanne serves as a valuable partner to our clients and asset to our company. A Grand Valley alumna, Leanne earned her bachelor’s in Advertising and Public Relations. Outside the office, she can be found spending quality time with family, rocking first base in slow pitch softball, or sitting down with a good book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Thoughts by Leanne

Erich Boileau


Erich is a strategic thinker, writer and teacher whose passion is to see people and organizations grow into the truest expression of their best selves. People (and their stories) are complicated by nature, and he enjoys the challenge of bringing clarity and understanding into complex scenarios. Prior to becoming a partner in 2021, Erich served the company in various roles for 12 years, and his approach is informed by nearly a decade of non-profit leadership experience while living abroad in Morocco and Japan. He earned his bachelor's degree in English from Grand Valley State University in 2009. Erich is fascinated by the human brain, and outside the office he enjoys co-hosting a Japanese-language podcast on mental health with his wife, barstool philosophizing with friends, and spending time with his dog Fuji. Thoughts by Erich

Sean Silva

Senior Video Producer

Sean brings over 20 years of experience in media production to the Boileau team. Whether in film or in song from the live stage, the art of creative storytelling has always been his passion. After years of amateur film making in the backyard with a cast of family and friends, and a budget of pizza, Sean joined the professional field of film and video upon graduation from Compass Film in 2004. When Sean’s not busy producing film at Boileau, you can find him playing guitar in his band, going on a rare date with his wife or spending quality time with his kids. Thoughts by Sean

Kelly Vanden Bosch

Graphic Designer

Kelly blends her natural eye for compelling and beautiful imagery with a level of pragmatism and efficiency uncommon among designers. She understands that design is an extension of message, and draws upon the visual elements best suited to tell the story and encapsulate the brand. A graduate of Grand Valley State University‘s bachelor of fine arts program, Kelly has supported Boileau Communications with print advertising and collateral design, outdoor displays, website design and just about anything we’ve thrown her way. Outside of work, she enjoys time with her family on a country homestead in the great plains of Zeeland.

Greg DeWeerd

Graphic & Web Designer

Greg is a strategic thinker, designer and digital marketing expert with over 10 years' experience both in-house and in the agency setting. He earned his bachelor's in business from Davenport University and continued his education with design courses through Kendall College of Art and Design. In his free time, Greg likes spending time with his wife and two kids and enjoys camping, hiking and going to the beach. Thoughts by Greg

Kylie White

Communications Specialist

Kylie joined Boileau in 2019 after graduating from Ferris State University with her B.S. in Marketing in 2017. She views her work as playing Charlotte from "Charlotte's Web," taking webs of information and spinning them into something beautiful that everyday people can understand. Her webs take the form of press releases, op-eds, video scripts, email campaigns, strategic plans, print materials, blog posts and more for clients across all industries. When not at work, Kylie likes to play music, snowboard, play Dungeons & Dragons and travel with her husband whenever she can. Thoughts by Kylie

Chris Kemperman

Media Producer

A media producer with an eye for detail, Chris joined the team in 2021, bringing experience in producing compelling, meaningful video and animation content. As a 2016 graduate of Grand Valley State University’s Film and Video program, Chris specializes in a little bit of everything but especially loves motion graphics and post-production work. His past experience in freelancing and agency work have given him the ability to use video as a tool to further and enhance each client’s unique story. When not at work, Chris can be found playing D&D, lifting weights, co-hosting a podcast and perfecting his puns.

Matt Nutile

Media Producer

A natural visual storyteller, Matt joined the team as a media producer in 2021. His past experience as media director for the Grand Rapids-based transitional housing non-profit Exodus Place and as a post-production specialist for Westbound productions has given him the ability to identify and tell complex stories with authenticity. A 2018 graduate of Grand Valley State University’s Film and Video program, Matt specializes in post-production and digital animation. When not at work, Matt can be found enjoying the latest HBO comedy series or a pint of craft beer at Founders in Grand Rapids.

Becca Barth

Content Developer

A technical, professional and creative writer with web development chops, Becca offers a unique combination of skills to the Boileau team. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Becca graduated from Davenport University with a Bachelor's Degree in Web Design and Development. Becca has worked in both agency and in-house marketing roles across industries. When not writing, Becca is an avid reader, amateur novelist, and video game enthusiast. She also enjoys cooking, baking, and drinking coffee that tastes like chocolate. She’s currently obsessed with The Great British Bake Off, and has recreated several of their masterpieces with surprising success.

Nate Knobloch

Graphic Designer

Nate graduated from the Baker College of Muskegon in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media Design. He previously worked for the Grand Rapids Symphony and brings seven years of graphic design experience to the team. Outside of work, Nate enjoys performing in local theater, creating wood-burning portraits, reading, and listening to 70s and 80s music.

Randy Boileau

Founder, Of Counsel

Randy Boileau has 33 years of journalism, PR and marketing experience with organizations like the Detroit Free Press, Miami Herald, Bank of America, Comerica, Mazda, Donnelly and Varnum LLP. Since founding Boileau Communications in 2004, the company has grown from a one-man PR shop to an award-winning PR and marketing communications firm. Randy is also an avid outdoorsman and can be found biking, RVing or river fishing in his free time. Thoughts by Randy

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