On February 15, Facebook made an update that changed the job recruitment game. Now businesses looking to hire can reach people directly on their timelines.

The process is straightforward, a recruiter can create the ad quickly and start attracting potential employees right away. When Facebook users see the job posting, they can simply hit “Apply Now” and Facebook pre-populates general information like name, previous/current employment, and profile picture. There is a section that allows the applicant to explain why they are a good fit, which essentially replaces the need for a cover letter.

Statistics show two-thirds of job seekers are already employed, so this market may not be actively looking for jobs through traditional mediums like LinkedIn or Indeed. This Facebook update allows them to apply for jobs they didn’t even know they wanted. (Source: TechCrunch)

For small businesses, this new feature is great news! Companies now have the ability to attract talent within their own networks. Facebook claims it will eventually be able to target potential employees based on education levels or work experience (Source: TechCrunch).

In other relevant news, Boileau Communications is growing! We are searching for a full-time Graphic Designer. So naturally, we hit the web and gave Facebook’s new job opening feature a go.