Social media is a powerful tool for reinforcing brand messages and recruiting the right talent. Unifying brand messages across platforms strengthens a brand overall, but also allows you to reach more potential candidates with your messages.

The two main social tools for recruiting are Facebook and LinkedIn. Both should work together to paint the picture of working at your company, but it’s important to understand the different audiences in each network. While Facebook should be more community-centric and focus on the people who work for your organization, LinkedIn is a more professional social network and the content you share should reflect that.

Facebook has over a billion daily active users (Source: Facebook). The first step to reaching the right talent is identifying a strategy. If you plan to incorporate any paid advertising on Facebook, take the time to identify your audience including demographics and the types of messages that will resonate with them.

If you’re hoping to reach talent organically, be sure to post content that is valuable to your followers and their friends.  Including a photo or graphic and linking to content on your company website or blog is a good way to drive traffic. Posting job fairs and openings on your page is also important, but the majority of the recruiting-centric content should be focused around your company culture and your current employees.

Video is component great tool to think about, as Facebook users now watch 100 million hours of video a day. (Source: Tech Crunch). Consider creating some engaging video or photo employee testimonials to share on your page to get people excited about working for your company.

Ultimately, reach is the most important metric to track on your Facebook page. Get your employees excited about your new recruiting efforts on Facebook and ask them to share and interact with your posts. You’ll see your post reach increase the more times it’s shared. Extending your post reach to find the talent you’re searching for.

LinkedIn has over 433 million members worldwide (Source: LinkedIn), but unlike Facebook, LinkedIn users don’t necessarily check their feed every day, multiple times a day. This is important to consider when tasking your company’s LinkedIn page for recruiting.

If you have a recruiter working to bring in talent, have them post job openings and careers events on the company’s page and share them on their own LinkedIn page. Interact with interested users and reach out to anyone who may qualify for your open positions.

Any professional events, sponsorships or community involvement that your company is involved in are also good topics to discuss on LinkedIn. If your company has a newsletter or a blog, consider sharing that content on LinkedIn as well.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions is a good paid tool to find desirable job candidates and manage the ones you’re trying to hire.

While Facebook is important for promoting the people of your organization and your culture, LinkedIn should be used to promote your company as a thought leader in your industry. Consider posting professional topics on LinkedIn’s article/news sharing tool, Pulse and tagging relevant topics to increase brand and name recognition for your company.