Driving to a meeting not too long ago I heard an old song by Country Joe MacDonald and the Fish, a 60s band that achieved some fame with a Woodstock (I) anti-war anthem. The song I heard was Tricky Dicky, a slap at disgraced president Richard Nixon. It would have been recorded some time during the lates 60s. The members of the band recording it would have been about the age of today’s Millennials and the song would have been aimed at an audience of the same people.

It struck┬áme listening to the song how the same themes have come around again. Here’s one verse:

Oh my God, it’s terrible
Here in the U.S.A.
The water’s polluted, the economy’s crashing
And can someone save the day ?
The war keeps going on and on
And the kids won’t respect the cops,
It’s even said that God is dead,
When will it ever stop?

Substitute “The climate’s overheated” for “The water’s polluted” and you have a ready-made verse for a protest song today. Sure there are differences between Millennials and Boomers, but maybe not as much as everyone thinks.