About two and a half years ago, we became fed up with the low-quality, sometimes-online quality of average web hosting companies, and started working with Rackspace to provide our clients with the kind of service they deserve. Since then, we’ve grown from hosting just our own website to over 50 unique domains for our clients.

Initially, clients could opt in for monthly backups on their sites, but differences in platforms and hosting needs caused backup methods to be reliable yet inconsistent. However, over the past two months, we’ve installed and tested a new, standardized program to provide full backups of websites, uploads, apps and databases you host with us every 14 days.


How This Affects You

To enjoy the benefits of the new backup program, you don’t have to do anything at all. We are providing the new backup system to you at no additional charge as part of our commitment to our clients.

Since you can never have too many backups, you can continue to use any third-party backup service you choose for your website, and we will be happy to help you set that up.