In a time when fewer people read a paper-based annual report, an online version will help you better connect with investors and customers. Here are three reasons to go digital on your next report.

  1. Share your highlight reel through the media that best suits it.
    An interactive report allows you to share your organization’s top stories through text, charts, video, motion graphics, interactive calculators, audio clips and more. Add social media in the mix, and you’re story could be everywhere in no time.
  2. Showcase your propensity toward new ideas. Do you invest in new technology? Are you a leader or innovator in your industry? Demonstrate these characteristics in a technology-enabled platform with an interactive report.
  3. Save on cost, energy, and resources. An interactive annual report is a mini-website. Save trees, ink, and the energy it costs to print. Our clients who have embraced this format have never looked back at printing.

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